Food services

NewPort has a well-established fleet of dedicated food-grade tanks that are handled by a separate sales and operational team. With additional services, such as kosher and halal certifications, we are your partner in assisting with your food grade request. 

After a solid foundation of operating chemical ISO tanks for nearly 20 years, NewPort also offers food grade services since 2012. A highly specialized and dedicated sales team has been established to assist with your needs. A separate operations team, specially trained to handle food grade shipments, will facilitate the transportation of your order. Our sales and operations teams are supported by our global, innovative transport management system, which can provide specialized reporting catered to your needs.

NewPort's food fleet

NewPort maintains a modern, 100% dedicated food grade tank fleet with innovative technology and maximum product safety. Our fleet now consists of around 2,000 units that are available worldwide. Around 90% of our food grade tanks have a capacity of 26,000 litres and can be heated by steam or warm water. Want to track your order real time? All of our tanks can be equipped with a tailor-made track and trace system to provide even more accuracy.

Kosher and halal certifications

If applicable, NewPort also offers kosher certifications (by Rabbi) and halal certifications. Of course, previous cargoes can be provided upon request. With NewPort, you can be certain that your foodstuff is in good hands.

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