Depot services

NewPort's tanks, and those of our customers, are maintained to the industry's highest standards. All over the globe, we maintain an extensive network of depots which all have the knowledge and expertise to maintain, repair, clean and store containers.

Maintenance & repair

Our tank containers, and those of our customers, carry chemicals, foodstuff and gasses. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we keep our fleet in the best condition. We work together with experienced depots worldwide, to provide our tank containers with the best possible service. We are able to arrange 2,5 and 5 year periodic tests, maintenance of all parts of the tank containers, and repairs when needed. When tank containers are in need of special modifications before transportation, we will make sure it is taken care off!


Our worldwide depot partners are specialized in cleaning of tank containers and their previously loaded products and will work in accordance with the highest quality standards. After the ISO tanks are cleaned, we can provide an approved cleaning certificate.

The chemical product cleaning is following renowned standards from for instance EFTCO in Europe and will ensure we handle the cleaning in the most safe and environmentally friendly way possible.

The food product cleaning is completely segregated from the chemicals to ensure food safety and will follow strictly food standards. We can offer kosher and halal approved cleaning cycles to accommodate our customers’ needs.

Storage & heating

With our global presence, we can arrange safe storage of loaded tanks for both non-hazardous and hazardous liquids – for food and chemical products – in nearly every possible location. Bonded storage is also an option on most locations. If these tanks require heating before discharge, we will usually be able to organize this at the same location. In time for the final delivery of the customers’ product.