About us

In our world, there is no ‘just another day at the office’. Because in our world, that day simply never ends. We cut through time zones, we break through borders, and we overcome what’s in our way. We push our own limits and society forward, to make that difference between loss or profit and failure or success. Always exploring new opportunities and being committed to our customers.

In our world, we never stop!

The history of NewPort

NewPort was founded in 1995 when parent company World Shipping Inc. desired to expand its service offerings to long-time, strategic chemical customers. The tank container market had room for a new entrant at that time, and with a focus on high-quality equipment and excellent customer focus and service, NewPort Tank Containers was launched, now part of Gentco Logistics.

Through a team of highly-trained and well respected professionals, we at NewPort provide bulk liquid logistics solutions that are second to none.

We are


Our curiosity and innovativeness goes beyond our daily tasks. We have a strong urge to explore new markets, as well as new, distinctive ways of working.

We are


We are committed to everything we do, and above all, to our customers. We deliver a wide variety of services, we shift up a gear when necessary, and we have the skills and knowledge within our teams to do so.

We are


In our world, the day never ends. We cut through time zones, we break through borders, and we overcome what’s in our way. We simply never stop!

What we call our mission

Driven by our customer's needs, we strive to maintain our position as a leading, global tank container operator. We thrive on providing superior customer service for our international, bulk liquid shippers. NewPort takes pride in providing its customers with a touch of personal service and attention, which sets us apart in today's consolidated and centralized environment. We are driven to meet and exceed your expectations of total customer service.

NewPort's certifications

Working with chemicals, foods and gases, our experience and expertise is of utmost importance. To make sure we handle each and every order safely, following industry standards, we have several certifications that prove our skills.