Meet Denise: Customer Service Representative Import

Denise is a Customer Service Representative at the Import department in Moerdijk, the Netherlands. How did she end up with NewPort, and what does her day look like?

How did you end up working at NewPort?

I always say that NewPort is my first love in the Netherlands! I moved to the Netherlands and within two months I already found my current job as Customer Service Representative: a friend of my husband worked at NewPort already, and he introduced me. Once my resume was provided to HR, I was invited for a job interview. During the interview, they told me about the Customer Service Representative position at the Import department.

I have worked for trading companies before on departments as logistics and import/export of cargo, but I did not have a lot of experience yet, so I am really grateful for this opportunity!

What is your job about, and how does your day look like?

I am in charge of customers in Belgium and Germany. When I start in the morning I check my email to see if I got new requests of customers, check the deliveries of the day before: did everything go smoothly or did any problems occur? I also check if we have new incoming shipments. During the day I keep an overview of all the deliveries where I can check for example the estimated time of arrival.

I communicate a lot with our customers about challenges which could come up every day: container damage or any other ‘problems’, but this is also a part of the fun for me and to gain more experience!

What makes NewPort different about other employers you have worked for?

NewPort is very flexible, and I can take my responsibility: I am in charge of own job. My supervisor does not check or control me like a micromanager: he gives me confidence and trust.

What is challenging about working at NewPort?

Sometimes the language: I am still learning Dutch, but I do not understand some jokes my colleagues are making in Dutch. But I really like my colleagues!

What was your first impression about NewPort?

I felt very welcome. When my supervisor gave me a tour of the office and I ended up at the Pricing department and I was very surprised to meet other Chinese colleagues. After one month, I got to know my team members better: everybody is very friendly and helping each other. Working at NewPort is so far a nice experience for me: I feel comfortable working at NewPort. Now that I am also getting more work experience, I also got more difficult jobs compared to port deliveries only. Now I also handle door to door deliveries, where I also need to arrange transport, have the tank container heated up if the product requests this. This makes it more fun.

I got a Chinese customer, they have deliveries around Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Germany and UK. Since I am handling this customer, I received compliments from the customer and also from colleagues internally: I am proud when customers and colleagues are positive about my work.