Meet Aswintha: Project Coordinator

Through an employment agency, Aswintha ended up in the Finance department of NewPort in the Netherlands. She started as Account Payable, but where does she stand now?

Were you already familiar with the logistics industry?

I studied law, so logistics was completely new to me. In the beginning, I thought it was interesting to get to know the world of transportation and learn about the shipment of goods. However, in the Finance department, you are less involved with the operation and more with figures. The longer I worked for NewPort, I got to discover the different sides of the business. 

During my time in the Finance department, the Onbase program was introduced: an automated invoice program. I became the key user of this system and in this role, I trained employees of various international Finance departments and became a Senior Onbase Administrator. I have given training on locations such as China, Korea and the United States. I really enjoyed explaining the new system to colleagues and guiding them through it. 

What was your first impression when you joined NewPort?

I felt like NewPort is an informal company and that there is a pleasant working environment. 

What does your current job entail?

I am currently working for NewPort for five years and now am a Project Coordinator in the Business Optimization department. In this role, I help set up and devise projects where we can help NewPort to make processes run smoother. I spend a lot of time testing systems and transferring our logic to colleagues within NewPort. We even built our own Transport Management System within NewPort, and I am responsible for the Finance and Sales modules. 

What do you like about working at NewPort?

I really like working at NewPort! I am currently participating in challenging projects in which I can really develop myself. I get a lot of freedom and trust from the organization, but I am also held accountable for my responsibilities. 

What does your working day look like?

I start at 8:30 am by going through my email and Microsoft Teams messages. Through Jira, I receive tickets with questions or resolved tickets, I can start testing. I then test and log several tickets, after which I meet with colleagues to talk about adjustments in the system modules I am responsible for. We have team meetings twice a week, and I also often receive input from users, with whom I then discuss their feedback. 

What do you find challenging about working at NewPort?

I get a lot of responsibilities worldwide. I have to manage everything and with that, I have to take into account the time difference we are dealing with. Furthermore, I am very flexible though, sometimes I will start my work day a bit earlier or leave a bit later than usual office hours. 

Currently, I am working on a Sales podcast to convey information internally throughout our offices. NewPort always thinks out of the box!