Food Services

Food Tank

In a dynamic and fast paced global market, NewPort continuously looks for ways to add value. NewPort made a strategic decision to expand its food grade program beginning in 2012. This is built on a solid foundation of nearly 20 years servicing the chemical ISO tank community. The strong, established global infrastructure is the backbone of our expanded global food grade service. Along with the infrastructure, a highly specialized and dedicated sales team has been assembled to assist with your every need. Team members from our specialized food group are conveniently located throughout our network in strategic "FOOD" locations. A separate operations team, specially trained to handle food grade shipments, will assist every step of the way. The sales and operations teams are supported by our global IT system, which can provide specialized reporting catered to your needs. Most importantly, NewPort maintains a modern, 100% dedicated food grade tank fleet. The average age of our food grade tanks is one year, ensuring the most modern technology and maximum product safety. 90% of our food grade tanks have a capacity of 26,000 liters and can be heated by steam or warm water. NewPort also offers Kosher certification by Rabbi, if requested.

We look forward to assisting with your food grade request.

The NewPort Food Advantage

  • Separate Division - Dedicated to Food Products Only
  • Company KOSHER CERTIFIED (by Rabbi)
  • Product traceability limits contamination risks
  • 100% separation in dedicated foodstuff fleet
  • Separate sales force for food grade transports in various worldwide offices
  • Separate operation team, who are specially trained to handle food grade product
  • IT system which can supply the customer with regular custom made reporting

Food Grade Fleet

  • The FOOD GRADE FLEET: Highest standards of Food Grade equipment
  • 100% dedicated "foodstuff only" fleet
  • 90% of the tank containers have capacity of 26,000 liters
  • All tank containers can be heated by steam or warm water
  • Tank containers have 12.6 sqm heating surface
  • Modern fleet (2011/2012)
  • Quality Control (previous cargoes available upon request)