Documentation Requirements

Please have the following information listed on the Mast Shipping Instructions:

AES Number
ALL shipments exported out of the USA must have an AES number.

Shipper should be the place where the product was loaded, or the company taking responsibility for shipping this product. Please include full name, address, and contact number.

Consignee should be where the product is actually going. Please include full name, address, and contact number.

Notify party should list the contact information for this shipment. This information can be the same as the consignee and/or any parties involved in the shipment that need to be notified upon arrival. Please include as much information as available: address, contact names, phone numbers, fax numbers, email address.

Forwarders (optional)
Please list the forwarder that will be responsible for providing all the correct information.

Please list the accurate description based on the MSDS provided at time of booking. Incorrect descriptions may cause documents to be rejected. Please advise NewPort personnel of any changes to the product as soon as possible.

Tare weights are already listed in NewPort's system. List the most accurate net weights as possible. Weights should match what is on the packing list and commercial invoice. This is critical for clearing the tank through customs at destination. Weights must be submitted individually and a gross weight must be submitted for all the net weights combined. (If applicable, please also list an accurate volume, individal and gross).

Any clauses listed on the master will be submitted on the documentation if it fits the criteria. NewPort will not utilize any clauses that do not pertain to ISO tank containers. All clauses that "claim" or "state" something specific, must list a name of a specific person taking responsibility for the clause.

Charges/release instruction
Please list whether the charges should be Prepaid or Collect.
Please list how/where you would like NewPort B/Ls released:

  • If Original bills of lading need to be released and where to courier the originals.
  • If Express Release, what email to send Express B/Ls.

*Note: we can also email Non-negotiable copies in lieu of sending originals.

Vessel name, Voyage number, Reference numbers. Marks and Numbers. Any special ID and Tax numbers/references. (see destination specifics for details)

**NewPort has the right to reject any cargo if it is not authorized by the government or is illegal.